Saturday, September 19, 2009

Brownies vs Carrots

As I sit here pondering life....I do that sometimes...just sit and ponder. I really should be at the gym or at the very least eating something healthy. But, here I sit...pondering and eating the rest of the cream cheese brownies.

Why, you may ask? Several reasons come to mind, none of which are really good excuses, but they are reasons so I stick with them. One: I have had them for about two weeks now and I am sick of eating a corner as a treat to myself...each corner is about 98 calories and it took me 8 days to eat two brownies this way. Two: and this is the most important reason....TODAY IS A FAT DAY!

I love FAT DAYS! These are the days where, it doesn't matter to me WHAT I eat or how much. These days don't count in my strive for FAT FREEDOM...these days are just days that I choose (hopefully, not back to back) to eat whatever I want and what I want is never healthy! So here I sit, pondering and eating, eating and plan is to finish the last two brownies and then drink a glass of milk to wash it all down.

That was the plan....well, my body had other plans! I forgot that once you begin to eat healthy and your body gets adjusted to's hard to go back and start eating junk in abundance! Can we say REJECTION?!?! In it's most ugly body said NO WAY! Get a carrot...and get one NOW!

So the good news is this...I am adjusting to this new way of eating for my health and not for the heck of it! The bad news is this: No more binge eating! Back to one fourth of one half of a brownie as a treat! If I am truthful...this SUCKS!

I listen to these emaciated people telling me to only eat what comes from the earth and eat in moderation! Well, I don't want to! I want to eat what comes from the frozen food section of the grocery store, I want to eat what comes from the bread and sweet aisle and I want to eat EVERYTHING at the checkout counter! Yes, I was the kid whose parent needed the line that had a sign over it saying "No Candy Line!"

Sigh, it's all good....all this work and no sweets has helped me to lose a whopping 42 pounds! So, I will not go back...I will chose healthy...I will continue on my quest!

Or die trying! Give me that carrot stick....but, could you pass the ranch dressing too?!?

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