Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Burpees were made in HELL!!

Today has been a GREAT DAY! Yes I know it's only 10 AM!! I've worked out...KILLED IT, I might add! I've eaten healthy (Greek yogurt and an apple) and now I'm back on my daily work grind!

So, todays challenge was 50 Burpees in 1 minute or less! Now, listen you workout not tell me I should have been able to complete more....MY challenge was 50 and I'm sticking to it for now! I started in the correct position...arms up, ready to jump....but, my feet wouldnt' leave the freakin' ground! Try again! ARMS UP....ready to jump, but all I could think of was how completely and utterly ridiculous I was gonna look! It's one thing to do this in boot camp, when EVERYBODY looks stupid...but the gym? I will not mention the cutie that (in my mind anyway) was staring at me! LOL! Anyway, I got past it and did the jump! Straight in the air and down to the ground...but my feet wouldn't kick out like I wanted. So up again and down again...this time I closed my eyes and KICKED OUT HARD! Whew! I was so excited, I forgot I had to come back up...don't forget the cutie is staring!! Now, here is the really hard part, bringing your feet back in and rising from that position without looking like a fool! Ok, feet in and....up! NOT! Feet came in, but up didn't happen! I had to re-position my feet to the sides so I could get up! LOLOLOL! I don't care anymore...I am DETERMINED to get this done! I huffed and I puffed and right around 28...I felt I could do NO MORE! But, I PRESSED and completed them! They were not pretty at all (can somebody show me a PRETTY burpee? I mean even the name is UGLY!!) but, I made it through!! When I got to 49, I felt this HUGE GRIN on the inside that showed up on the outside just after 50! WHEW!

I'm proud of the challenges I've faced and overcome....I know there are more to come, but nonetheless (I love using words like this!) I much more ready to face them today than last year or even yesterday!  I've discovered that I just feel good when I don't give up! I just feel warm, giggly and just plain happy when I face the challenge and complete it! No matter how small!

The rest of the workout was easy and simple compared to that! I am learning to step up my game if I want the results.  It ain't easy....but I am DETERMINED! That is really what this journey is all about...DETERMINATION and OVERCOMING!! I am FOCUSED FOR LIFE...not just a season!

HAVE A GOOD ONE AND BE FANTABULOUS TODAY AND EVERYDAY!  Push yourself and you will love it!

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