Friday, June 22, 2012

Good morning good people! Ok...confession time ONCE AGAIN! Geesh, I'm confessing so much this week...I keep looking around for a priest! Ha! goes: I GAINED 7 POUNDS!! Wait...I think I told you all that one! Here's another: I've only worked out twice this week! UGH! Oh, the SHAME, oh the HORROR! Whatever...I'm over it and on my way to the pool! I've come to realize that on this journey there will be days I just don't feel like doing right! Just don't feel like eating right! But what I will NOT do is STAY IN THOSE FEELINGS! I will get up and MOVE (even if only to vacuum these stairs - anybody else hate doing that?) And I will not dwell on my failures...but I choose instead to focus on the future! Stay focused and encouraged good people! WE ARE ON THIS FANTABULOUS JOURNEY TOGETHER!!! Now, where is my towel? #operationsexyonceagainisBAAAACK!

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