Thursday, October 8, 2009

Just because they make it in your size....

For those of you in this weight loss struggle with me...there are a few things we already know and a few things we have yet to discover.

When I started this thing I had NO idea how I would feel once I lost the first 10 lbs! AMAZING! It never dawns on you that you still have a ways to go, but that first 10 pounds feels so so very good! I can always tell when a woman has lost even a few pounds. It's written all over her face and you can see it in her body language. There is a new found confidence in her walk and she may even begin wearing her makeup more, she also may start to think she can wear certain clothes and this is where we have problems.


This can be very disastrous as well as tragic if you are not careful! Ok, so I have lost the first 10 pounds and I'm feeling very good about good that my confidence, which is normally very high anyway, is now SOARING! I go to the store and while I realize that I am still in the "big girl" sizes...I am down one size. I go to the rack and very smugly pick up a pair of pants in a smaller size. Now, those who know me, know that I don't like to try clothes on in the store...I am much more comfortable trying it on at home....just before I plan to wear it!

The outfit is cute I tell you....nice pants made of lycra and spandex (yes i said it) and a very cute, snug fitting top that is all the rage in the know the ones with the size 0 models! Yes, it is the latest summer issues of Vogue, Glamour and Cosmo that I with my new found weight loss am getting my fashion tips!

My friends and I are planning on going out this evening and I want to show off my whopping 10 pound loss. Thinking everyone will notice and compliment me I am very excited about getting dressed and going out! Woohoo! I am too cute now!

I get dressed and apply my best makeup and glance - yes I said GLANCE - at myself in the mirror. My gut was telling me "I am pouring out of this shirt" and my BUTT was telling me "I look lumpy in these pants"...but I ignored them and went on my way.

Now there is something to say about your bathroom mirror versus the windows at the restaurant....the bathrooms tends to tell you that you look MARVELOUS!! But the window shows you just how you really look!

I'm walking in and I look at the window and there is this unbelievably FAT chick walking beside me and she looks awful! Her gut is hanging over her pants and her pants are way too tight...showing ALL of her lumps and could she go out of the house like that I wonder? Upon closer inspection, I realize this out of shape girl is ME!!!!

I am mortified and the look on my friends faces tells me they are too! My very dear friend comes up to me and quietly whispers these words...."Baby, not yet!" Needless to say we made a quick detour to my house so I could change into something more WEIGHT appropriate!

Bottom line - Spandex and Lycra should not be worn above a size 10! Again ladies...just take a friend shopping with you as you continue to lose weight and remember...JUST BECAUSE THE MAKE IT IN YOUR SIZE - DOES NOT MEAN YOU NEED TO WEAR IT!

Much success to you all!


  1. Yep, you said it right.

    It's about finding the "you" clothes (which may not be what's currently in Vogue - but who cares?)

  2. Yeap been there and know what you mean.